Dominik Rusac

Backend Developer from Croatia, , mag. inf.


I'm years old backend developer with + years of professional experience.

About me

I am coming from a small town in central Istria called Pazin where I went to high school. I graduated at Department of Informatics in Rijeka, year 2019.

During my college I worked as a student many different jobs, mostly as a waiter in hotels and restaurants during summer break. During my last year (5th) of college I started working in IT. I worked on a small project for work orders and also I used that project as my final graduate thesis. And since, I've been working with Laravel framework.

After graduation, I found a full time job at Lloyds Digital as a backend developer and that's where I currently sit till date.
I speak and write english very well. I have experience working with both local and international clients. I attended meetings as a part of the team as well as held one on one meetings with the clients.

I'm mostly experienced as a Laravel backend developer but I also do a lot of work on Amazon Web Services (AWS), deploying Laravel and Javascript applications into production environment. Working in terminal is something I'm very familiar with.

Also, I am on my way to becoming a full stack developer. During my free time in the last two years, I enrolled and successfully finished multiple courses like HTML/CSS and Vanilla Javascript. Recently I started learning Vue.js framework.

I also published some blogs on, check them out!

Relevant work positions in IT - Owner
Part time project - Vessel management aplication

  • Developing Laravel JSON:API backend
  • Writing API tests
  • Working with Laravel, MySQL, xDebug, Postman, PHPStorm, GitLab, Figma

Lloyds Digital - Backend developer
What I do at work

  • Project planning
  • Writing detailed project specification
  • Writing tasks in Productive app
  • Working with other firms on API specifications
  • Collaborating with frontend and mobile dev team
  • Working with Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, S3, Route 53)
  • Creating new server instances on AWS
  • Configuring newly created instances on AWS
  • Deploying Laravel and Vue.js applications to production
  • CMS and API development with PHP Laravel framework, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
  • Insomnia/Postman REST Client for API testing and documentation
  • Git - Gitlab/Github version control
  • Reviewing, merging and deploying Git merge requests from other colleagues
  • Familiar with Docker basics
  • Helping and giving advices on IT equipment supply at the office
  • Communicating with clients and writing estimates for adding new features

Some of the 3rd party APIs I implemented on a client projects
Ventex d.o.o. - Web application developer

  • Developed application for travel warrants
  • Developed application for work orders
  • Laravel framework
  • SQL Server database
  • Worked as a one man band, designed and developed both apps by myself

Projects I've worked on

I developed backend on the following projects.

  • TP Line - Backend for selling catamaran tickets, latest project, delivered 06/2022 more info here
  • Vidgift - Backend for gifting mobile aplication, more info here
  • ABS - Backend for mobile application that tracks the progress of field workers
  • Pinel Krk - Webshop with 8000+ products coming from a MS SQL Server database
  • VectorVine - Access, share and store digital design online
  • Sea n' Soul - Backend for buy and sell mobile application, more info here

Across those, I had experience with implementing various 3rd party REST APIs, as well as developing custom CMS and APIs as needed.

Check out my blogs on

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